VX411C - VXI Carrier for PMC & Cardbus


The VX411C is an intelligent VXI carrier that supports three industry standard PMC modules and on Cardbus module. It has an on-board PowerPC processor that can perform command translation, data analysis, and many other data processing or process control functions.





MPC8245 300MHz (MPC603e core)

16KB/16KB L1 Integrated Cache

Local PCI Bus

33MHz 32-bit

PMC Interface

Support for three PMC module

33MHz 32 bit

3.3V/5V signaling level is jumper selectable

PMC I/O connected to 64-pin headers

Cardbus Interface

Automatic detection of 5V/3.3V 16-bit PC Cards and 33V 32-bit Cardbus cards

Hot Insertion and removal

UltraMedia devices, such as Smart Media cards, MultiMedia Cards, Memory Stick devices, and Smart Card devices

Part Numbers


Part Number

VX411C, Cardbus in middle



Windows application that provides register-level interactive control of any M-module resident on a C&H supplied M-module carrier. (requires CHWIN)

ICOS is a single-threaded OS kernel designed specifically for use on C&H's family of intelligent carriers for VXI. ICOS allows the user to fully operate the carrier and associated mezzanine modules as a standard VXI instrument.

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