M214 - 4 Channel Precision DC Reference


The M214 provides four precision four-wire voltage references in a single-wide M-module format. Each voltage reference is independent and individually optically isolated to allow independent thermocouple simulation. An on-board microcontroller provides precise control of the voltage references, including automatic temperature compensation.




Voltage Source Output Range

±10.0V, ±2.0V & ±99mV

Voltage Source Output Accuracy

±(0.01% of setting + 0.005% of range +15µV)

Analog Input Data Resolution

10 bits

Part Numbers


Part Number




C&H's M-module Instrument Drivers are designed for maximum platform independence and portability. Most users will only require the VXIpnp driver. Users working in an operating system other than Windows or who are working with a non-supported M-module carrier should download the ANSI-C Driver. For more details on our driver architecture, please download this white paper.

Our Standard instrument driver for Windows supporting the M-module on any C&H supplied M-module Carrier (includes CHWIN and ANSI-C driver). Features: Windows DLL, Interactive Soft Front Panel Application, Online Help, CVI Function Panels, LabView VI's, source code provided.

Platform support module for Windows that provides the platform independent interface between the M-module Driver and the M-module Carrier. Supports the following M-Module carriers: VX405C, AMi3000, AMi3002, AMi2001, EM405D & EM405-8.

Platform independent instrument driver source code written in ANSI-C for ease of portability.

Windows application that provides register-level interactive control of any M-module resident on a C&H supplied M-module carrier. (requires CHWIN)

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