The AM104 plug in options for MA203 provide for optocoupled +5V input. 16 channels per module.


The AM102 is a plug-in programmable anti-aliasing filter for MA200 with 6-pole Sallen-Key Butterworth Filter with 8 selectable cut off frequencies.


The M225 provides 16 independent latching SPST switches configured as quad 4x1 multiplexers. The switches have maskable interrupts that occur when the requested relay movements have been made.


The MA203 selectively stores and buffers up to 32k time-value pairs (31 bit time tag) when selected inputs change.


The M360 CAN bus Controller is an integrated standalone controller for the Controller Area Network (CAN) with an M Module interface.


The M228 is a 1MSPS 14-bit A/D converter module that samples and selectively stores differential analog signals along with a 32-bit time stamp at a rate up to 1MSPS.


The M223 (formerly Agilent E2290A) provides 16 data/actuator lines. These data lines offer TTL compatible inputs and open drain outputs up to 30 volts.

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