General Purpose


The M205 is a programmable pulse amplifier that accepts a fixed level input. The output level is programmable up to 25V into a 50 Ohm load (50V into no load).


The VX411C is an intelligent VXI carrier that supports three industry standard PMC modules and on Cardbus module.


The VX406C is an intelligent VXI carrier that supports four industry standard M-Modules and one PMC module.


The PX452S is a one or two channel 12-bit A/D converter that will sample and selectively store differential analog signals together with a 31-bit time stamp at a rate up to 100KS/s.


The PX451S is a 16 or 32 channel digital input module that samples and selectively stores up to 32 bits of digital data along with a 31-bit time stamp at a rate up to 5MHz.


This 100 kHz A/D will sample and selectively store, along with a 31 bit time tag , any data outside of pre programmed window. 32K of on-board memory. Programmable sample rate. +/- 10V.


The M395 common mode DAC provides 16 channels of 12 bit or 16 bit conversion. Output voltage ranges may be unipolar or bipolar. The hosting system has full control by accessing dual ported memory.


The M393 differential mode ADC is very well suited for use in applications where autonomous signal conversion is required.

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