General Purpose


A 64 Channel input module that samples and selectively stores up to 64 bits of data along with 31 bit time tag at rates up to 5 MSPS.


The VX403C allows multipul functions (A/D, D/A, Serial I/O, Relay Drivers, Digital I/O, Servo, Synchro, etc.) to be combined in a single slot. Each IP appears as a separate VXI Instrument.


Provides four precision four-wire voltage references in a single-wide M-module format.


A precision oscillator source that provides a highly accurate and stable clock reference that can be used as a frequency or time reference that can be used as a frequency or time reference.


A universal counter/timer module with two (2) measurement channels. Its frequency range is up to 250MHz.


A 16 or 32 channel 12-bit A/D converter that provides autonomous signal conversion using an on-board DSP to provide a programmable scan rate, gain/offset compensation, and storage of conversion result


Provides four (4) completely independent RS-232 terminal interfaces.


Provides 16 independent latching DPST switches configured as a 4x4 matrix. These two wire switches have maskable interrupts that occur when the requested relay movements have been made.

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